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What Is Asphalt Recycling And Why Should We Care?

Asphalt recycling is refining and reusing old asphalt to pave new roads, driveways, etc. Asphalt recycling is not a new concept, but it has gained momentum with rising environmental concerns in recent years. It’s essential for two reasons: firstly, because paving with recycled asphalt saves money, and secondly, using recycled asphalt can help reduce our waste output. Professional, environmentally conscious contractors like Quality Asphalt in Green Bay regularly use recycled materials in their projects.

This blog post will explain the asphalt recycling process in detail and list a few benefits the procedure offers to the paving industry.

Asphalt Recycling Explained

The asphalt recycling process involves removing the asphalt from the pavement and then crushing it into tiny granules. These are separated by size, with smaller pieces used to pave roads, while pavers can reuse larger pieces for other purposes like filling up potholes or as gravel in driveways. The recycling process also separates any metals initially embedded within the stones of the street, which could damage vehicles (e.g., nails).

In the asphalt recycling process, we use asphalt from deteriorating pavement surfaces well beyond their life expectancy. Asphalt from these surfaces is divided into small pieces and heated to extremely high temperatures. At these extreme temperatures, many of the binders that hold together the aggregate materials within the pavement change their chemical structure to be reused in new road surfaces or other applications. Eventually, we add a small amount of oil to the recycled asphalt to ensure better binding with adhesives used during paving.

The Benefits of Asphalt Recycling

  • Reduces Disposal Costs – The use of recycled asphalt helps reduce waste going into landfills and reduces disposal costs (i.e., transporting material). These actions help conserve resources like fuel, landfill space, etc.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – One of the most significant benefits of asphalt recycling is how much money it can save a business. Many companies have found that by simply reusing their old materials, they can reduce waste and costs in both labor and supplies.
  • Safer Work Conditions – Another significant benefit of asphalt recycling is how safe it keeps workers during construction projects. There’s a lower risk of exposure when working with an already existing site rather than cutting into the ground where unknown objects could lie.
  • Eco-Friendly – You can also recycle asphalt with minimal impact on the environment because you don’t need to mine or harvest natural resources for its production as more traditional methods would require. By reducing environmental strain, this method reduces carbon dioxide output as well.

At Quality Asphalt, we strive to offer you the best services; this is why cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly paving are our priorities. Our asphalt paving and maintenance services in Green Bay ensure that your surface looks the part at all times, giving you the ultimate asphalt pavement experience. Commercial and residential clients can now get a free quote for our services to begin their pavement restoration journey.