Although asphalt is more popular as a paving material, concrete is also widely used, particularly in commercial paving projects. It offers several distinct advantages, such as:

  • Concrete naturally reflects light, which makes it safer for driving, and it also enables energy cost saving due to the reduced need for street lighting.
  • It is even more durable than asphalt, with an average life of over 30 years. If proper maintenance is carried out, it lasts a lifetime.
  • Concrete is more fuel-efficient as compared to other paving materials because it offers lower rolling resistance. According to an estimate, it saves as much as 6% on fuel costs.

We have expert knowledge of the latest concrete mixing technology, and we use the best quality, professional excavation equipment. Our team of concrete installation specialists will assist you in high-quality pavement installation. We begin with finding a perfectly leveled area where the soil is best for the purpose. Next, the site is cleaned of dirt, leveled, gravel is added, and finally, concrete is poured. The result is a sturdy, shiny pavement that you will use for decades.