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Recycled Asphalt: 4 Reasons Why It’s Awesome

Our environment is rapidly deteriorating; therefore, the earth needs extensive care to keep it safe for future generations. In line with the global push for environmental protection, the construction industry must help save the environment by using eco-friendly materials. Using recycled asphalt is an essential step for environmental protection. Given the widespread use of asphalt in the pavement industry, paving professionals like Quality Asphalt in De Pere want to educate consumers about how recycling asphalt can help keep our planet green and healthy!

In this blog post, we’ll list down how using recycled asphalt is not only a responsible choice but also an economically feasible one.

1) Greater Savings 

Recycled asphalt helps you save a ton of money purchasing additional raw materials and removing or disposing of the existing pavement. Not to mention the additional cost of transporting or hauling raw materials.

Although opting for recycled asphalt is considerably cheaper than using new asphalt, it does not compromise the quality. Using recycled asphalt also means that you will be saving more gasoline and diesel fuel during transportation.

2) Improved Brand Image

An educated and informed community always prefers a brand that plays its role in helping to overcome environmental challenges. Using recycled asphalt helps you strengthen your brand image and increase customer loyalty. This is because recycled asphalt helps prevent greenhouse gas emissions and builds a greener planet for future generations. It also shows that your company understands the importance of sustainable development, strengthening its reputation as an environmentally-friendly business enterprise. This means more business opportunities for you!

3) Low Environmental Impact

Using recycled asphalt will help reduce pollution and slow down the deteriorating effects of climate change. Using this material for driveways or roads can positively impact your local community by reducing dust from unpaved surfaces.

So, if you are looking forward to becoming an environment-friendly company that cares about its customers and the greater good, recycled asphalt is worth considering! It’s not just the fans who appreciate brands like yours; critics do too because it shows that you’re sincere in making a difference towards building a greener planet!

4) As Good as New Asphalt

If you’re wondering whether using recycled asphalt compromises your surface quality, then you can put your worries to rest. Recycled asphalt produces results that are just as good as those of new asphalt. Whether it’s a parking lot or an interstate, you can expect similar results and performance from both types of surfaces!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of using recycled asphalt and are looking for a quality pavement contractor to guide you with your paving decisions in De Pere, then Quality Asphalt is here to help you. We provide a range of asphalt maintenance and repair services to our clients, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the perks of a lush asphalt pavement. Get a free estimate now!