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Quick DIY Driveway Crack Fixes For The Equipped Homeowner

The average homeowner will experience a driveway crack at some point. Whether it’s because of weather changes, improper installation, or vehicle weight, these fractures can be a pain to deal with. But don’t fret – there are simple, inexpensive ways to fix them yourself!

Get Cleaning:

The first order of business is to sweep away any dirt, dust, and debris accumulated in the crack. It will allow you to get a clear view of the damage to properly assess what needs to be done.

Use a Broom:

A stiff-bristled broom waiting in your garage is the perfect tool for this job. Any brush with stiff bristles will do if you don’t have a broom. Just make sure to sweep in both directions to loosen any caked-on grime.

Get the Hose:

If you decide to use water to clean the crack, make sure it’s scorched before moving on to the next step. Otherwise, you run the risk of weakening the repair. Using a pressure washer is a great way to remove any stubborn debris. However, be careful with pressure. Too much of it can cause further damage.

Fill ‘Er Up:

Cracks are the acne of your asphalt – they may be small individually. Still, when you see a bunch of them together, it can make the surface look terrible. Filling them in will improve the appearance of your driveway and help prevent further cracking and other damage. There are different ways to fill cracks in your asphalt, but we’ll focus on the most common: cold-pour crack filler and hot-pour crack filler.

Cold-Pour Crack Filler:

This type of crack filler is easy to find in any hardware store – look for a tube that says “crack filler” or “caulk.” You’ll also need a caulking gun to apply it. Squeeze the crack filler into the cracks (use as much or as little as possible) and then level it off using a putty knife.

Hot-Pour Crack Filler:

This crack filler is a little more difficult to find, but you can order it online. A caulking gun and a putty knife are a requirement for this type of crack filler. Hot-pour crack filler is melted asphalt that comes in a bucket. To use it, pour it into the cracks and smooth it out.

Asphalt Sealing:

Sealing a driveway isn’t the most exciting project, but it will extend the life of your asphalt. You can DIY this project, but it’s a little more complex than the other two. You’ll need to purchase a sealer and a squeegee.

The sealer will come in a bucket with a handle. To apply it, pour it onto the driveway and spread it around with the squeegee. Make sure to get all the nooks and crannies. The sealer will create a watertight barrier that will prevent water and snow from seeping into the cracks and causing damage.

Once done, stand back and admire your handiwork!


Home improvement and DIY projects can be fun, but you can never be sure that you’ll achieve the desired results. Sometimes it’s best to leave important projects to the professionals.

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