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Make Your Old Asphalt Driveway Look New Again In 3 Steps!

In case you’re wondering, “Why should I bother looking after my asphalt driveway?” Well, there are many reasons! First of all, an old and dingy-looking asphalt driveway is not inviting to guests. Second of all, it can make your property appear unkempt. Thirdly, if you ever decide to sell the house or even rent it out for a short time, a well-maintained asphalt surface will make the home more appealing to possible buyers or renters.

The process of making your old asphalt driveway look new again is not complex at all. In fact, with a few simple steps, you’ll have a beautiful looking driveway in no time.

1) Keep Your Driveway Neat and Clean

Remove all vegetation from around the edges of the driveway with a weed whacker. Sweep up any leaves or debris on top of the driveway with a broom. Scrape off any loose asphalt that has peeled away by using an ice scraper or stiff-bristled brush. You should make every effort to keep the driveway as neat and clean as possible because you will be applying a new coating of asphalt on top of it.

2) Look for Cracks and Fill them All

Inspect the driveway for any cracks, even if they are just minor. Fill all cracks with hot asphalt crack filler to make them smooth and level again. Pour some of the hot asphalt into a paint tray or dish, then use an inexpensive paintbrush that can be thrown away after you are done painting to apply it on top of the existing driveway.

However, it is recommended to acquire the services of a professional contractor to make sure that the driveway is smooth and level, and free from cracks. A DIY kit cannot replace the high-quality service of a professional asphalt driveway contractor. Instead of saving a few bucks, hire an expert so the solution lasts longer.

3) Resurface Your Driveway with New Asphalt

It’s possible to make your old asphalt driveway look new again by resurfacing it with new asphalt. Asphalt contractors can apply a coat of fresh and smooth black hot mix on top of the existing driveway, thus giving it a brand-new look while offering protection from damage for up to 12 years. The application process involves a lot of heavy work, and the result speaks for itself. Make sure to hire a qualified asphalt resurfacing contractor, and your driveway will look new again in no time!

Question: Resurfacing or Sealcoating?

You can also go for sealcoating instead of resurfacing if your asphalt is in good condition. It simply involves the application of a protective sealer on top of your asphalt to make it look nice and prevent cracks. This process is cheaper than resurfacing but only lasts for up to two to three years before you need another coat.

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