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How To Rid Your Asphalt Of Unwanted Guests: Weeds!

Weeds are a common problem for asphalt surfaces. They can quickly get out of control and damage your pavement. In this blog post, the experts at Quality Asphalt will discuss how to get rid of weeds in your asphalt and prevent them from coming back!

Why do weeds grow through asphalt surfaces?

Weeds can grow through asphalt because they have a long taproot. The taproot is the portion of the weed that grows deep down into the ground and absorbs nutrients. The taproot grows through cracks in the asphalt surfaces, allowing the weed access to sunlight and water.

Additionally, weeds grow through new asphalt because of insufficient soil preparation before installing asphalt. If the ground is not adequately prepared, new asphalt might sustain damage within weeks.

How to get rid of weeds in your asphalt

Method 01: Pull out the weeds growing through the asphalt

Pulling weeds is the simplest method, but removing the entire weed, roots, and all might be tough. This is especially true for weeds that grow through asphalt since you can’t dig down into it. Pulling weeds as you notice them can help reduce the problem if you just have a few weeds, especially if you catch them before they start seeding.

Wait till after rain or sprinkle some water on the weedy spot of asphalt for more efficient weed removal. Wet soil makes weed removal easier and improves the likelihood of pulling up the roots along with the weeds.

Method 02: Use homemade vinegar weed killer

Regular household vinegar is generally successful at destroying weeds as it absorbs the moisture from them and dries them up. You can also use stronger vinegar, known as horticultural vinegar, for more effective treatment.

However, vinegar is non-selective, which means it destroys any plant life it comes into contact with. Using it on weeds that grow through the asphalt should be easier to manage. Apply it on a still day with minimal wind to prevent the vinegar from spreading to other locations.

Method 03: Try boiling water

Another method to get rid of weeds is to use boiling water. Fill a kettle halfway with water and pour it into the cracks in your asphalt. Boiling water can effectively kill the weeds. Don’t heat more water than you can safely carry, even if it means returning to the kitchen several times for extra boiling water.

Method 04: Use a power washer

You can also try using a power washer to eliminate weeds in your asphalt. Set the pressure to low or medium and hold the nozzle about 12 inches from the surface of the asphalt. Move back and forth with the nozzle until all the weeds are gone.

Be sure to sweep up any weed debris afterward so it doesn’t get washed into storm drains.

There you have it! Four methods for getting rid of weeds in your asphalt. Try one or all of them to see which works best for your pavement. And always be sure to properly maintain your asphalt so weeds don’t have a chance to take root in the first place.

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