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How Asphalt Pavement Reacts To Temperature Changes

Key Takeaways

1. Asphalt pavement is a mixture of aggregate, binder, and filler.

2. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

3. However, varying temperatures over time can damage it.

4. Make a visual inspection before the new season’s arrival, and get any potholes fixed and patched.

5. Get your pavement professionally cleaned and sealed to help it last longer.

6. Keep up with the shoveling this winter, and remove any snow or ice as soon as possible.

As a business owner, you know that there are many factors to consider when it comes to your company’s success. One issue that may not be on your radar is parking.

A well-maintained and organized parking lot can give customers a good impression of your business. In contrast, a cluttered, worn-out, and disorganized lot may make them think less of your company.

You need to consider several factors to have the optimum parking space for your commercial area. Among them is the changing temperature. You might not know it, but changing weather patterns can impact the asphalt pavement in your parking lot. Quality Asphalt will discuss the effects of temperature on pavement and provide tips for keeping your surface looking good no matter what the weather throws at it.

What Is Asphalt Pavement?

Before we dive into how temperature affects it, let’s first quickly review what this material is. It is a mixture of two main ingredients: aggregate and bitumen. The aggregate is usually crushed stone, gravel, or sand. Bitumen is a black, sticky substance that binds the aggregate together.

This mixture is then compacted and left to cure. Once it’s cured, you have a smooth, solid surface, perfect for parking lots and driveways.

What are the Benefits of Asphalt Pavement?

According to a report, 94% of paved roads in the U.S. are constructed with asphalt. That statistic alone should give you an idea of how popular this material is. So, what are the benefits that make it so popular?

Some of the advantages of using it include:

1. Durable and Long Lasting

If asphalt is installed correctly, it can last for years. It is a durable material excellent for high-traffic areas such as parking lots and driveways.

2. Cost-effective

It is a cost-effective solution for paving. It is less expensive than concrete and other materials.

3. Easily Repaired

Another advantage of it is that it can be easily repaired. You can patch up small cracks and surface defects quickly and easily. Calling a professional paving contractor to get it fixed is a cost-effective solution.

4. Flexible

It is flexible and can withstand minor ground movements without cracking or breaking.

5. Smooth Surface

Asphalt provides a smooth, safe, and comfortable surface to drive or park on.

6. Aesthetically Pleasing

It offers a high-quality finish which can greatly improve the appearance of any property.

How Temperature Affects Asphalt Pavement

It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, but repeated freeze-thaw cycles can cause asphalt to crack. Cold weather, like that of Wisconsin, can also make asphalt brittle, which can lead to potholes and other surface defects.

Hot weather can also damage it. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the surface to dry out and become cracked and crumbled. Other than that, as most parking lots and driveways have no shade, it means that asphalt must face direct U.V. rays every day. These rays can cause the asphalt to oxidize and become brittle. It can also result in the bleaching of the pavement making it less attractive.

Asphalt can also react with oil and gas spills, which can cause staining and deterioration.

How to Deal with Changing Temperatures

If your driveway or parking lot is made of asphalt, it is essential to take care of it. Temperature changes can be a hassle to deal with, but here are some tips that may help:

1. Make Visual Inspections

During the end of the season, it is crucial to do a visual inspection of your pavement. Look for any cracks, potholes, or other damages. It is crucial that you take care of any damage you see as soon as possible.

2. Check the Pavement After Rain

After rain, check the pavement for any standing water. If there is standing water, it can cause the asphalt to become damaged. Contact a pavement contractor to get it fixed.

3. Get it Regularly Cleaned

Layers of dirt and debris can build up on the pavement and cause it to become damaged. It is essential to get the pavement regularly cleaned by a professional. Especially before winter, snow and ice can make the dirt and debris more challenging to remove.

4. Get it Seal Coated for Added Protection.

Sealcoating is a process that adds an extra layer of protection to pavement. It helps to prevent moisture and dirt from getting into the asphalt and causing damage. A professional paving contractor can get your asphalt parking lot and driveway seal coated.

With winter approaching, it’s the best time to get it done. That way, the sealcoating will have time to cure properly and be ready to protect the asphalt from all the snow and ice that winter will bring.

5. Shovel Off Excessive Snow

During winters with excessive snowfall, it’s essential to keep up with shoveling. This not only helps avoid any potential accidents but also keeps the asphalt in pristine condition.

If the snow is not shoveled off, it can turn into ice. Once it turns into ice, it becomes challenging to remove. And when you do finally get it removed, it can leave behind damaged asphalt.

Make sure to keep your asphalt driveway clear this winter by shoveling regularly. Your asphalt will thank you for it!

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5. Shovel Off Excessive Snow

Final Words

In the end, asphalt is a very durable material. But it’s important to remember that it is still susceptible to damage from extreme weather conditions.

Hot weather can cause the asphalt to soften and become damaged. Cold weather can cause the asphalt to crack and break.

But by taking proper care of your pavement, you can help ensure that it lasts many years.

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