Concrete Work in Green Bay, WI

Concrete is a widely used material, having advantages over asphalt in some construction such as better durability, that with the correct upkeep can last longer than 30 years. The qualities concrete offers can be a great cost-saving option. They naturally allow for reflective properties and diminish the need for as many street lights. With water resistance and low demand for energy during production, concrete hardens quickly without the market for a specific temperature or as long of a wait time for it to become safe. Another notable aspect of choosing concrete, there is almost no maintenance required to maintain its ability to withstand the weather unless you want it regularly updated for visual purposes. No sealant or paint is needed for the surface to remain functional against the elements.

Our knowledgeable concrete experts are versed in the newest and most advanced mixing techniques. Using the high-quality materials available, our crews will find the ideal area for the job, level, clean the area, spread gravel, and then pour concrete and smooth it out. One of the significant parts of opting to go with concrete versus asphalt is that concrete can easily be formed into various shapes and configurations as needed. Available in multiple textures, another bonus to choosing concrete is the most optimal choice when you need a surface that will last and be visually pleasing. Concrete is comprised of products that would likely not otherwise have a use, such as tires and wasted glass, to become environmentally friendly while promoting sustainability—at Quality Asphalt, serving our customers in the Green Bay area. We are open Monday through Friday and on weekends by appointment. Contact us today for a free quote.