Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Asphalt During The Summer

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Asphalt During The Summer

The sun is out, the birds are singing, and it’s time to get outside. With summer comes a whole slew of outdoor activities like BBQs, picnics, graduations, and vacations. And while the warm summer weather can be fun for you and your family or friends, it is not so good for your asphalt!

Don’t neglect your asphalt in the summer, or it could lead to serious issues once winter comes around. Read on to find out why you should never ignore your asphalt in the summertime and also some reasons why late summer and spring is the ideal time to repair and maintain your asphalt pavement.

Be advised that professional companies like Quality Asphalt in De Pere, WI, are the busiest during summer. So, please make an appointment with them as early as possible to get your asphalt repairs done!

1. The Surface Compacts Efficiently

Professionals working on an asphalt surface during the summer season have the chance to spread, level, and smoothen the hot mix asphalt before it hardens and cools down thanks to the warm temperatures and little to no rain during the time.

The ideal working temperatures give pavement crews the time they need to complete a job conveniently; this significantly reduces the chance of your asphalt needing premature repair.

2. The Ideal Temperature and Timing Settings

Temperature controls many factors of the asphalt paving and repair process, including how long the pavement remains workable and the time the crew has to compact and lay the mixture. When the asphalt is ideal, it will be workable for an extended period and require less maintenance.

A crew that works on hot mix asphalt in temperate weather isn’t faced with the challenge of trying to push or pull an unworkable batch into place as they might encounter when they’re working in cooler months.

Significant benefits associated with summer maintenance include improved stability, performance, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

3. Other Factors You Must Consider

Temperature is not the only external element affecting the asphalt pavement. Other factors that influence asphalt maintenance and repair are wind, rain, and humidity levels. Heavy winds and rainfall can cool the asphalt surface before it has a chance to properly cure, compromising its structural integrity in the long run. Heavy precipitation and melting snow greet the early spring season; this is why you need to schedule your paving project later in the summer season.

4. Now is the Time

The summer season is the best time for asphalt maintenance and repairs. This is when the pavement temperature is at its hottest and driest. The asphalt maintenance professionals are fully prepared with all their equipment ready to go! So, if you need asphalt repairs done, give Quality Asphalt a call. Our professionals tend to asphalt pavement queries for both commercial and residential clients in De Pere with the utmost professionalism. We also offer site work and excavation services, so if you plan to begin working on your dream project, we’re the team you need to call. Get a free quote from our team and enjoy the services we offer at an affordable rate.