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The Pros Of Air Entrained Concrete For Hardscaping Projects

Whether you’re constructing a new building or renovating an old one, having the correct type of concrete is essential. Some are more durable or suited to particular environments. In contrast, others like air-entrained concrete have specific beneficial properties that enable them to be used in ways their non-air-entrained cousins can’t.

Here are a few points by Quality Asphalt on what air-entrained concrete can do for your hardscaping project!

Durable And Long-Lasting

Air entrainment creates a much tougher finished product that is less susceptible to water damage and other issues caused by freezing conditions. This toughness also makes it resistant to cracking compared with standard concrete, which improves its longevity. Research has shown that the strength of air-entrained concrete continues to increase throughout its life, while regular concrete starts to decline after just a few years.

Better Resistance To Wear And Tear

In addition to being more resistant to damage caused by water, it is also much better able to resist the types of wear and tear landscaping projects often experience. Because there is less risk of erosion or damage from car tires, landscaping projects involving air-entrained concrete are far easier to maintain over time. Even when your initial costs are higher, you’re likely to see lower ongoing maintenance costs compared with standard types of concrete in most cases.

Stronger In Hot Conditions

An added benefit of using air-entrained concrete in landscaping projects that need to be exposed to high temperatures is that it can better endure these conditions. For example, you live in an area with hot summers and use a patio as one of the focal points for outdoor entertaining. In that case, this is especially important as standard types of concrete can expand and crack when subject to temperatures over 30°C.

Excellent Finishing Options

Ready-mixed concrete producers can also add sealers that help them maintain a high-quality finish. It’s possible to get a wide range of colors and finishes from various brands.

With the different finishes and looks available in air-entrained concrete, you may never need to have your driveway redone again. The highly durable nature of this material also means that it won’t crack or crumble when sealed, so there’s no danger in waiting until it starts to look less than perfect before having it maintained.

Compared with standard concrete projects, utilizing air-entrained concrete increases the strength and facilitates water to drain off quickly. Many cities are now using the increased strength of air-entrained concrete in urban drainage systems.

At Quality Asphalt serving Appleton, we help our customers build hardscaping projects built to last. Our services are exceptional, and we help our customers in any way we can. If you are thinking about an air-entrained concrete project, please contact us today or get your free quote!