Sitework – How It Is Done And Its Importance In Construction

Sitework – How It Is Done And Its Importance In Construction

Before beginning construction on a piece of land, it needs to be prepared; the activities involved in preparing the land are called sitework. Sitework is an integral part of construction, encompassing all the tasks performed before construction begins in order to prepare a site.

Sitework includes excavation, clearing and grubbing, installing utilities, paving areas, excavating trenches, and installing drainage. The importance of site work cannot be overstated as it impacts many aspects of construction, including cost estimation and scheduling.

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The most important aspects of sitework include excavation of the land, site grading, utilities installation, and drainage systems. We’ll discuss these aspects briefly to provide you with a basic understanding.

Excavation of Land

Excavation is the removal of earth, soil, or any other solid material from a construction site. The excavation is usually done using vertical and horizontal digging tools such as shovels and backhoes.

Site Grading

Site grading is performed for sites that require heavy excavation. Site grading adds structural integrity to the land by creating a slope and decreasing the exposure of surface soil. The site may be graded with dirt, or it can be covered in steel mats which are then filled with either sand, gravel, or other approved materials.

Utilities Installation

Utilities installation is an essential component of sitework, which includes water, gas, and sewer lines. Such infrastructure can be laid in trenches or installed while new construction takes place above ground level.

Drainage and Water Systems

Adequate water drainage from your property is critical for the stability of the foundations of the building. The first step in drainage is laying down a layer of gravel or crushed stone and then compacting it with heavy equipment. Finally, place the topsoil on top of this area. Make sure that your driveway slopes away from the house towards the street if possible.

Importance of Sitework in Construction

Performing sitework activities before and during the construction of a building is crucial. It helps in laying a stable foundation of the structure to ensure that it stands firm. This ensures no hidden dangers, including damage to the foundations due to water seepage, soil erosion, etc.

When sitework is not done correctly, the structure of a building can be damaged and lead to other problems such as improper drainage facilities on or around the property, which is often caused by an unsuitable terrain for construction. Many contractors offer sitework with additional services, including preparing land survey maps, and designating utilities before any work begins.

Acquiring the services of a reputable, local construction contractor with a skilled crew and all of the necessary equipment is critical for high-quality construction on your property. Quality Asphalt in Green Bay, WI, is well-known in the area for top-quality construction services, including sitework, concrete paving, asphalt paving, and asphalt maintenance.

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