From Haul To Hopper: An Asphalt Paver’s Guide To Trucks

From Haul To Hopper: An Asphalt Paver’s Guide To Trucks

There are many different types of equipment used for asphalt paving, but the two most common are the haul truck and the hopper. The haul truck is used to transport the asphalt from the plant to the job site, while the hopper feeds asphalt into the paver.

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What Does a Haul Truck Do?

Before choosing a haul truck, it’s essential to understand what’s needed from them. Haul trucks transport hot mix asphalt from one location to another. They typically have a large bed raised or lowered to load and unload the material.

Haul trucks come in various sizes, so it’s essential to choose one that’s big enough to handle your project. In addition, the haul truck should be able to dump the HMA into the hopper apron without any of the paving material falling onto the pavement.

The hopper has to transfer the material to the screed quickly and then through carefully-set conveyors to the paver.

Now, on to a few different types of haul trucks available.

No. 1: Bottom or Belly Dump

The name is quite articulate. The belly dump truck has a dumping system at its bottom, allowing it to unload its load quickly. Its internal walls are sloped to help the material fall more easily.

This type of truck is excellent for short-distance hauling, as it can make quick and easy dumps. It’s also relatively inexpensive to maintain.

They’re great because:

  • They can haul large loads
  • They’re quick at unloading
  • The driver doesn’t have to get out to do anything

No. 2: End Dump

The end dump truck lets the payload slide down to the bottom of the bed and slip out the back through a tailgate by raising the front end. Sweet, simple, and easy on the operator, this is an excellent option for long-distance hauls.

They’re great because:

  • The driver can stay seated while dumping
  • They can haul large loads over long distances
  • They’re popular, so they’re plentiful
  • They’re versatile and can be used for a lot of different materials

No. 3: Live Bottom or Flo-Boy

More expensive due to more skill-demanding maintenance, these trucks are still a good option. They come with a conveyor system at the bottom of their bed to unload the HMA, which eliminates many detrimental problems in truck bed-paver contact. These trucks are best for:

  • Smoother unloading
  • Quicker paving operations due to higher dumping rates

If you don’t mind the extra cost and upkeep, a Live Bottom or Flo-Boy truck can speed up your paving operation.


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