Asphalt Fix Or Asphalt Replacement? How To Tell Which You Need!

Asphalt Fix Or Asphalt Replacement? How To Tell Which You Need!

Have you ever walked outside and noticed large cracks on your asphalt? If so, don’t fret! It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need immediate replacement. There are specific signs to look for in order to determine if you need asphalt repair or replacement. This blog post will discuss the differences between the two options and provide examples of when one should be given preference over the other.

Asphalt repair and replacement are required at different stages of a pavement’s lifespan. While asphalt repair is part of a regular maintenance routine, asphalt replacement is required when the initial layer deteriorates beyond repair. In short, asphalt repair assists in preventing premature asphalt replacement.

Professional asphalt paving contractors like Quality Asphalt, serving customers in Sturgeon Bay and other cities in Wisconsin, can advise you whether you need asphalt repair or replacement.

Signs you Need Asphalt Repair

Asphalt repair becomes essential as soon as you notice the following signs:

  • Widening Cracks – You should repair cracks more than a ¼ inch wide to prevent them from getting worse. These cracks can cause trip hazards or even damage your property.
  • Sunken Areas and Damaged Asphalt – Damaged areas of an asphalt surface, such as potholes and recessed areas, are signs of distress. Potholes are caused by water accumulation for extended periods during heavy rains, so it’s essential to repair these before they get too large! Some paved surfaces also have patches where the pavement wears out due to age and excessive use.
  • Alligator Cracks – Alligator cracks indicate that you need to repair your pavement immediately! These are cracks that resemble alligator skin and are formed when there is excessive movement in the underlying soil.
  • Wear and Tear – You don’t want your asphalt pavement to lose its original shine. Years of use, vehicle load, oil and liquid stains, and spillage mean that your pavement’s original charm fades away eventually. Common wear and tear can usually be fixed with basic asphalt repair.

Signs you Need Asphalt Replacement

Asphalt replacement becomes necessary when it continues to deteriorate despite all repairs. Here are some signs that suggest you should consider complete asphalt replacement.

  • Potholes All Over the Surface – While you can repair of a few potholes located in a specific section of the pavement, you’re left with limited options when unsightly potholes riddle the entire pavement.
  • Crumbling Edges – The edges of a commercial parking lot can disintegrate over time, eventually breaking off and damaging the asphalt surface leaving debris on the pavement. The debris hurts the asphalt surface, with damages going beyond the point of repair.
  • Pavement is Sinking – Over time, the base of an asphalt surface starts to erode. The erosion spreads over the entire pavement, and before you know it, you’ll have a sinking pavement on your hands. Repair will not help here; you need replacement!

Regardless of whether you require asphalt repair or replacement in Sturgeon Bay, you can trust Quality Asphalt to handle the project efficiently. As experienced pavement contractors, we use the latest tools and machinery to deliver quick, long-lasting results for our esteemed clients.

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