5 Mistakes That Site Preparation Contractors Need To Avoid Making

5 Mistakes That Site Preparation Contractors Need To Avoid Making

Are you considering a construction project in Appleton that involves robust site preparation? Considering hiring a construction team to help you with that? Well, before you set out to find a capable contractor, you should look for one that respects the importance of good site prep procedures.

If you are a property owner who likes to be thoroughly involved in the site work process, you should also understand the pitfalls of rushing into a construction project. Here are some mistakes that are best nipped in the bud when preparing sites. So, it’s best for you and your contractor to join forces for an ideal outcome.

1. Poor Site Planning

A site plan includes everything from soil quality, excavation depth, structure height, underground utility clearance, site clearing & dumping locations, drainage sites, and vehicle paths. Inexperienced contractors make the mistake of not accounting for the climatic & geographic features unique to all construction sites and start with a textbook perception of the site plan until they run into hurdles. This raises costs and is generally bad practice.

2. Improper Project Schedule

A professional contractor examines estimates from their experiences to develop a project schedule more in line with the supplier lead times & equipment operations. This way, realistic expectations can be set to project completion. It’s poor site prep when contractors base their project completion on average industry values instead of their project history. This results in project inefficiencies. Always give your contractor a general idea of a project’s requirements so they can determine the feasibility of the job at hand.

3. Not Considering Environmental Factors

The weather can make or break a site prep plan. Too much rain and you have a muddy excavation site on your hands, too little moisture & you need soil stabilizers. And when the show debuts, you have a lot of worker safety & equipment maintenance to adhere to.

4. Bulky Equipment, Small Spaces

Extensive equipment does not necessarily mean the best results, especially when spaces are limited. Brush clearing is one tricky stage where contractors often try to down a small tree with colossal equipment. Such examples warrant the contractors to go over all available equipment specifications and pick one that can handle a range of lot clearing, raking, and excavation functions.

5. Disregard for Site Safety

Seasoned contractors and their teams can sometimes make the mistake of taking heavy equipment for granted until it causes them harm. Never take PPE and hard hats as a joke, even on ground level.

Winters in Appleton are an excellent time to start an excavation project. The surface is hard, and there is less risk of a cave-in. However, icy surfaces can become quite a hazard, so proceed with caution. But the lesson remains that there are always multiple environmental, financial, and resource factors to consider before getting into any site project for safety’s sake.

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