4 Steps To Harnessing Safety In Winter Worksites

4 Steps To Harnessing Safety In Winter Worksites

Construction worksites tend to be manageable in winters because the weather is not too harsh in terms of sweating, and the ground cuts out very nicely. Excavations, lot clearing & demolishing jobs in Sturgeon Bay, WI, are ideal for the colder season as the ground is the activity kicks up hard, so less dust. However, worksites present specific winter hazards that need to be circumvented by following safety guidelines.

Quality Asphalt recently covered the lackluster work ethics that can lead to a poorly planned site preparation. In this blog post, we’re discussing those quintessential considerations for worksite safety in winters.

1. Removal of Ice from Surfaces

It does not matter whether you wear work boots or steel toes; a slip is inevitable on traction-less surfaces such as ice. A site contractor can hire shoveling services for extensive site areas, but the more constricted regions will still need manual shoveling. After the snow has been cleared off, there can still be a thin, slippery film of ice. Sprinkle sand and grit over the shoveled areas for added traction. Avoid snow removal with hot water as it will also result in slippery surfaces. If deicers are being used, ensure they are EPA-compliant.

2. Protection against Exposure

Winters in Sturgeon Bay are harsh and might be taxing for site workers past their prime. Ensure every worker is geared up in warm thermal attire and bright safety vests to stand out in the event of heavy snow. Any worker with a history of health issues should also exercise caution with manual exertion.

3. Routine Equipment Checkups

Patch the potholes that are along the dump truck routes to the worksite. Well-maintained roads make it easy to manage transport in winters; that’s why proactive pavement care is essential. Along with that, the excavating & lot clearing equipment needs to be inspected daily to ensure none of the machine fluids are frozen or too dense to cause the engines to seize. Ensure the fluids & hydraulics you are using in the mechanized equipment are graded for the climate in Sturgeon Bay

Check the heater’s function in heavy equipment and routinely clear off the ice from the windscreens. Use antifreeze additives in your pneumatic tools to prevent freezing if it gets too cold, warm up handheld equipment in controlled environments before use.

4. Using Scaffolding in Excavations

Given that the winter hardens the ground, thus making excavation easier, the soil can still cave in or collapse if the sites of the excavated site are too steep and deep. There is also the issue of disposing of the snow in ditches dug for the purpose, as any meltwater can also compromise ground stability in excavated sites. Ensure the shoveled snow is deposited at a suitable distance. Meanwhile, utilize ample scaffolding and mesh for retaining the walls of the excavated work site.

Quality Asphalt primarily deals with asphalt & concrete in on-season for paving, but we offer excellent patching, site work & trucking services in this cold.

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